Changing strata managers is easy

Making the switch to CEO Strata is easier than you think.

And letting your current manager know you are leaving doesnt have to be uncomfortable either.

Most strata managers are pretty nice people, working under ridiculous conditions. Moving your scheme to CEO Strata will guarantee you get the service you need, while freeing them up to give slightly better service to the schemes they retain.

So there is nothing to worry about.  Everybody wins.


Changing usually involves four steps;

Step 1

Give us a call and we will come to your place to meet you, have a look at your building and see if we like each other.

Step 2

If we do, we will follow up with a written proposal including a proposed Agency Agreement and a firm, competitive quote.

Step 3

If you like our proposal and you think your neighbours will too, let us know and we will arrange a General Meeting.

We can attend if you like, or leave you to it.

Step 4

If a majority of interested owners vote to make the change, we can take it from there, liaising directly with the outgoing agent, collecting the books and records, opening a trust account and setting up your scheme on our management system.

The process from our initial meeting until we are able to commence actually managing your scheme usually takes about two months, depending on the terms in your current contract.

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