Information at your fingertips

We provide immediate owner access to all building documents and real-time information through a secure on-line portal.

Strata Management started as a back-office accounting and record keeping function in real estate agencies.  

If you wanted a document, an answer to a question or some general advice, you rang up the office and eventually somebody would get back to you.  

If you needed a document, they would mail, fax or email it to you, for a fee.

CEO Strata has invested in the latest hardware and software to allow you to obtain, at the click of a button, all of the documents and the vast majority of the information you require.

Many strata managing agencies are yet to invest in the technology that allows them to meet the service expectations of apartment owners.  

They promise to be responsive, but it is a promise they cannot keep.

This not only makes life easier for you, it allows your strata manager to spend their time dealing with complex issues and proactively managing your building.

I’ve been impressed by your professionalism in my dealings with you.

Paul de Veaux

SP 5256

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