Manageable Portfolios

CEO Strata managers have manageable portfolios that allow them to provide the level of service you expect.

Most apartment owners have learnt to live with a low level of service from their strata manager.

Why is strata management done so badly?

Put simply, most strata managing agencies base their business on volume rather than service. Each agent looks after between 50 and 100 buildings, sometimes more, spread over a wide area.

Little wonder they can’t promptly respond to enquiries, come to the building or resolve complex problems, let alone be proactive in the management of your building.

Your CEO Strata Manager looks after a maximum of twenty buildings, all of which are located within a few kilometres of the office.

Being local, your CEO Strata Manager will go to your building as and when required to inspect issues, develop solutions and meet with contractors, ensuring that problems are resolved quickly, effectively, economically and with a minimum of fuss.

The job itself is not difficult, but if you value service, as I know you do, it is disheartening if your circumstances make it impossible to deliver.

Randon Illic

SP 13959

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