Real Managers


When you engage CEO Strata you know that your building will be managed by a qualified and experienced Strata Manager

Somebody who is not afraid to do the thinking, make decisions and be held accountable for them.

We look after all aspects of your building, including financial management, maintenance, renewal, relationship management, compliance, risk and behaviour management. And being completely independent, we can generally do this better than the owners themselves – with a minimum of conflict.

Unlike most other agencies who go to great lengths to avoid making decisions by referring even the most minor issues to the Strata Committee, our strata managers use the delegations listed in our agreement with the owners corporation to make the day to day decisions necessary for the smooth, compliant and efficient running of your building.

If you want to be closely involved in the everyday management of your scheme, have lots of time to volunteer and believe that only an owner really cares about what happens with your building, there are managing agents who are happy to act as your secretary and wait for the committee to tell them everything they want them to do.

CEO Strata is not one of those agencies.

If on the other hand you want the confidence of knowing that your scheme is being professionally managed while you get on with your own life, its time to contact us

Very sorry to lose you.  You were responsible and reliable and for the first time we felt we had someone we could trust.

Victoria Owens

SP 5607

For more information on how we can manage your strate more effectively