Simple Agreement

Our Agency Agreement is a simple, plain-English contract.

It spells out exactly what you can expect from your Strata Manager and what services are covered in your retainer.

Any services your scheme needs that are not included in your retainer are provided either by your strata manager directly (at the hourly rate) or through a suitable consultant or contractor arranged through your strata manager.

You are not locked in – agreements typically run from one Annual General Meeting to the next.

This ensures that your Strata Manager is always on their toes.

At CEO Strata we want satisfied customers who share their positive experiences.

We believe we have the systems, people and expertise to exceed your expectations at a fair and reasonable cost.

And we will strive to do so.

That said, sometimes relationships go wrong or people have expectations that can’t be met.

If we cannot keep you satisfied, we are happy for you to leave with no hard feelings.

For this reason, your scheme can cancel the Agency Agreement at any time with one month’s notice.