Ethical and independent

CEO Strata has no preferential arrangements with any insurers and receives no commissions from any third parties.

While we work with only tried and tested contractors and consultants, we don’t accept commissions, have no conflicts of interest and have no ‘partners’ to whom work is funnelled.

This saves your strata scheme money.

It also ensures that the service providers we engage are selected based purely on the quality of their work, their reliability and value for money.

Most strata managing agencies receive commissions on your strata insurance.  This will typically increase your building insurance premiums by around 20%.

If an insurer refuses to pay this commission, the agency will not ask them to quote on the insurance, regardless of how competitive they may be.

Some companies sit under a corporate umbrella that includes other service providers (such as building management companies or debt collectors) who automatically receive referrals from the strata managing company, regardless of whether or not they provide the most cost effective service available.

CEO Strata works with a range of independent, fully insured contractors and consultants.

They are on our list simply because they continually prove to be the most reliable, competent and value for money service providers available.

If your scheme already has preferred (licensed and insured) contractors in place, we are happy to add them to our list, as long as they are able to maintain the high standards we require.

The new Act requires agencies to disclose their commissions.  That helps with transparency, but doesn’t prevent conflicts of interest.

That is why I refuse to accept commissions from any third parties.

Peter Ross

Principal, CEO Strata

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